Radivoje Ranković

Naš med doo

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 17:00 - 19:30
DescriptionFacility for the collection and placement of honey of the SFBO beekeepers Naš med doo Rača, is a facility where the honey of nearly 9500 beekeepers, members of Serbian roof beekeeping organisation – The Serbian Federation of beekeeping organisations will be processed and distributed. What differ us form other similar facilities will be 24/7 streaming live overview of production process by consumers or large scale partner. Also being a 80 percent property of the SFBO association and 20 percent of Municipality of Rača, Naš med doo, will not conduct with the profit on the familiar manner, thus it will redistribute it to the beekeepers by increasing its honey repurchase price.
Organization Type Company
CityRača, Google map
Areas of Activities

Agro Food