Đorđe Živanović

DescriptionCoface, a publicly listed company, has been one of the world’s leading credit insurance companies for the last 70 years. We specialize in facilitating business-to-business trade, working with our customers to develop their operations both on their domestic markets and internationally Whatever their size, nationality or sector, we offer our customers innovative products that suit their needs and business strategy – from payment protection to information and debt collection services We also keep our customers up-to-date on current market conditions, leveraging our international business and risk management expertise, country and sector assessments and quality data on 80 million companies worldwide Coface Serbia, as a member of the Coface Group. Services we provide by Coface Serbia: Credit Management Services, Business information, Debt collection , 2014 Credit insurance started with fronting partner Vienna insurance group .
Organization Type Company
Phone011 391-08-60
CityBeograd, Bulevar Oslobođenja 111 Google map
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