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DescriptionBasna offers a proven and sustainable business solution that even inverts Green House Gas Effect.
Basna produces high-quality charcoal (Biochar) and renewable energy from biomass. The emerging energy can be exploited for thermal and electrical energy production. The proof of concept is established and we want to extend capacity.

In the last three years, we developed a Biochar Product that is applied as an animal feed additive for:
1. For better feed efficiency (+10 % = lower feeding costs) 
2. Healthier Animal growth (= reduces veterinary costs)
3. Enriched manure (lower fertilizing costs, rebuilding humus, reduced irrigation)

Biochar can also be applied in water filtration, building materials, digesters and many more.

Basna d.o.o. je osnovana 2010. godine sa vizijom da u Srbiji primeni održive ekološke tehnologije. Na podneblju Dragačeva, čuvene poljoprivredne sredine Zapadne Srbije, nastalo je preduzeće koje je od samog početka optimalno formirano, oslanjajući se na postojeće resurse i neprekidno se kreće inovativnim putem.
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Phone+381 64 644 01 49
CityCacak, Google map
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Agro Food


    Investment/Sales partner in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture products

    In the production process of Biochar the emerging energy can be (electrically) exploited.
    Our Biochar-product is used as animal feed additive for
    1. Better feed efficiency (+10 %)
    2. Increased animal health ( reduced veterinary costs)
    3. Enriched manure (Less fertilizer (N), restoring humus, reduced irrigation)

    Keywords: GHGAgricultureOrganic AgricultureAnimal FoodMedical CharcoalAnimal HusbandryAnimal HealthEcologySustainabilityRenewable EnergyHealthanimalagro-foodagro foodenvironment
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