Zoran Tadic

General Manager

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 17:00 - 19:30

Neofyton the general representative of the world's largest manufacturers of machines and accessories for plastic injection. With an experience of 25 years in the field of design systems for plastic injection, our goal is that at any moment we deliver the highest standard of services-the highest quality equipment and service from a single source. It is the integration process - sales and consulting, delivery and commissioning of machines in operation, service and training, as well as the partnership with customers , the basic core of our business and development.

Neofyton is a modern, dynamic company oriented towards innovation and delivering the best solutions - plastic injection machines , with a long tradition and expertise.

The primary activity is the representation of foreign companies, world leaders-manufacturers of plastic and rubber. This performance proved Neofyton constant investment in the development of services and the provision of complete system solutions for your business - training, training, design services, consulting, services, import and delivery of equipment . The company’s expertise is directed towards constant effort to create for each customer a precise and unique solution in the system 'turnkey' .

Since 2001, the company decided to use their experience and professionalism in addition to the Serbian market is transferred to the Croatian market, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia *. Neofyton in 2013 opened an office in Zagreb, Neofyton HR, and in 2016 expanded its representation Engel manufacturer of plastic injection machines and Nigeria and Cameroon. In these regions, we became the exclusive representative of world famous manufacturers of machinery for plastic and rubber . Successful companies today proudly represent are:

•Engel (Austria)  - equipment for plastic and rubber

•Engel (Austria) - Linear robots

•Eurochiller (Italy) - industrial cooling systems, chillers and thermo

•Piovan (Italy) - additional equipment for the plastics injection molding industry

•Penta (Italy) - additional equipment for the plastics injection molding industry

•Campetella (Italy) *  - IML robots

•Tria (Italy)  - grinding mills

As synonymous with top quality and unique service, Neofyton the leading position and successful companies build long-term investment in innovation, business organization aimed at the customer, monitoring market trends, top quality service.

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