Tomislav Knezevic

senior project manager
GIZ / PSD Project
DescriptionThe GIZ PSD project is active on the national level and in the Serbian regions . The project works on various levels (multilevel approach) and strengthens the public and private service providers, MSME and the relevant line ministries. In order to reach the objective, the project is active in three areas of intervention. • "Improvement of the service offer of private and public actors in order to support MSME “ • "Service offer support for MSME in selected value chains (VC)", focusing on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), metal and mechanical engineering and sustainable agriculture. • "Elaboration of the national industrial policy" focusing on the advisory of the Serbian Ministry of Economy (MoE) towards the development of a national industrial policy which involves the needs of the private sectors mainly in the selected VC of the project.
Organization Type Company
Phone011 2400371
CityBelgrade, Makenzijeva 24 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agro Food


      Industry 4.0